Attending Orientation

All new freshman students, except F1 and J1 Visa holders on the Atlanta campus,  are required to attend orientation. New transfer students are not required to attend, but attendance is strongly encouraged. At orientation, all students will receive academic advisement and register for classes, which are both very important to the incoming student transition process.

International Students: F1 and J1 Visa holders at the Atlanta campus will attend International Student Orientation and Check in. F1 visa holders at the Perimeter campuses should complete the online orientation module and attend the on campus orientation in addition to the F1 Visa information meeting at Clarkston or Dunwoody campus. Refer to Perimeter College for more information about new student orientation on those campuses.

No. The new student orientation fee is a user fee that is not covered by any type of scholarship or loan. There is no new student orientation fee waiver. To attend, all new student orientation fees must be paid in advance.
Yes. All components of the orientation program are important with valuable information being shared throughout the day. In addition, academic advisement and class registration will be at the end of each orientation program.
No. Each orientation format has a schedule, and no adjustments will be made in the schedule, which includes moving any session earlier.
Any freshman who is unable to attend orientation must register for GSU 1010. The GSU 1010 course provides students with essential information about the academic demands of the university; its rules, procedures and resources; and academic, social and personal transition skills that contribute to academic success. The course curriculum encourages students to establish supportive relationships with peers and faculty and to become an integral part of the academic community.
No. However, parents are strongly encouraged to attend. There is a special parent and guest program that runs concurrently with the student program at orientation.
No. Parents and guests have to attend orientation with their student and cannot attend in place of their student. Also, parents and guests must attend the same orientation for which their student is registered.
Yes. Students who want to change their orientation date should fill out the Change Orientation Date form on Registration. All changes must be made three full business days before their scheduled date. Do not change the orientation date to any other date which is already at capacity.
Students can access orientation registration through their PAWS account. Once logged into PAWS, click on the Enrollment tab, locate the link for Student Orientation, then locate the link for New Student Orientation Registration.

Perimeter College Orientation

Only certain students are required to attend on-campus New Student Orientation. Your student type (freshman, transfer, transient, post-bacc, returning) determines if you attend online or on-campus New Student Orientation. Click register when you are prepared to select your orientation process. If you don't see the on-campus dates you may be required to do the online module. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions.

  • Error Message=Your application has expired: The admission application is no longer valid. Students will need to reapply for admission.
  • Error Message=Your application is inactive: The student was admitted for a term prior to the 2016-17 academic year. The student must submit a reactivation form.
  • Error Message=Registration time tickets are not available for your Admission Term: The student was admitted for a term prior to the 2016-17 academic year. The student must submit a reactivation form.
  • Error Message=You are not orientation ready: The student may not have completed the online orientation module or has outstanding admission requirements. The student should view his or her admission status to confirm the completion of the online orientation module.

Perimeter College at Georgia State University operates as one college. That means that students may attend orientation and take classes on any of the Perimeter College campuses they choose.
Students who have an Inactive status (see Error Message) do not have to attend orientation again. Please contact New Student Orientation to verify attendance.
The online orientation module is required for all students with more than 30 hours. Students who have been admitted to Perimeter College already having 30 or more transfer credits do not have to attend on campus orientation. However, students who are taking all online classes must complete an online advisement form after completing the online orientation module.
Returning students must complete the online orientation module. Students with less than 30 hours must complete the on campus orientation.
Fully online students do not have to attend the on campus orientation. However, the online orientation module is still required. Online students must complete an online advisement form after completing the online orientation modeule in order to register for classes.
It will take approximately three and a half hours for students to go through the entire orientation session. Students are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time for check in. Check in ends 15 minutes after the start of the session. Arriving after check in closes may result in the student being referred to another session (if spaces are available).
Yes, students may bring a parent, relative or supporter with them to the orientation session. However, they will not be able to be present with for the registration portion of the session.

Testing at New Student Orientation

Students must register and complete math and chemistry placement exams, if required, before attending orientation. Students attending the Freshman Overnight will take these exams during orientation, but still need to register for the exams in advance. Learn more about math and chemistry Placement Exams.
Students can access the math and chemistry Placement Exams through their PAWS account. Once logged into PAWS, select the Enrollment (OneStopShop) tab and locate the links for Math and Chemistry Placement.

Withdrawing from New Student Orientation

To withdraw from orientation completely, students should log back onto their PAWS account and select Withdraw. Note: Withdrawing from orientation is only recommended for those students who do not intend to attend Georgia State University. To change the orientation date, fill out the Change Orientation Date form on Registration or contact New Student Orientation at 404-413-1580.
To completely withdraw from orientation, complete the withdrawal process described above. To receive a refund after registering for orientation, students must withdraw or cancel their registration at least three full business days prior to their scheduled date.

If students meet the three day withdrawal deadline, the refund will be credited to their student account. The money will not be credited directly back to a credit card or bank account. This refund will remain on students' accounts and be applied to any outstanding fees when tuition and fees are due each enrollment cycle. If tuition and fees are covered completely by other funds, the orientation refund will be mailed to the address on students' files when Student Accounts distributes refund checks each enrollment cycle. If a student withdraws from orientation and does not attend Georgia State University, the refund will be mailed to the student's address on file when Student Accounts distributes refund checks each enrollment cycle.

If a student withdraws or cancels less than three full business days prior to the scheduled orientation date, there is no refund. There are no partial refunds. If a student registers for another day, he or she will need to pay the full registration fee again.

Students who mistakenly withdraw from new student orientation and still want to attend should call New Student Orientation at 404-413-1580.
Students who miss their new student orientation day and did not alert New Student Orientation of their expected absence within three full business days prior to their scheduled date will have to register again for the next available orientation date and pay all registration fees. No money will be refunded back or counted towards a new orientation date. Again, arrangements must be made at least three full business days prior to the originally scheduled orientation date.

Panther Welcome

Panther Welcome is the official Georgia State University welcome program which introduces and integrates students, faculty and staff to the campus community and the downtown Atlanta area.
Panther Welcome occurs during the first two weeks of the fall semester. It typically starts with Freshman Convocation the Sunday before the first day of classes. The full schedule of events is available by visiting Panther Welcome.
The full schedule of events is available by visiting Panther Welcome.
Most Panther Welcome events are free. Some events may have an entry fee, but those fees are typically nominal.

Freshman Convocation

Freshman Convocation is a university event welcoming the new freshman class into the academic community. Presided over by President Mark Becker, the program also features the Freshman Book Program author as the keynote speaker. Students receive commemorative medallions and recite the Freshman Pledge during the event.
Freshman Convocation is not mandatory, but all freshmen, including those who will be commuting to campus, are highly encouraged to attend this annual campus tradition.
Yes, families are highly encouraged to attend Freshman Convocation. Just as families would be at the commencement ceremony, New Student Orientation invites them to attend Freshman Convocation.
Business casual dress is recommended for Freshman Convocation.
Freshman Convocation is at 3 p.m. and doors open at 2:15 p.m. The program usually lasts about an hour.
Free parking is available at G Deck and additional parking is available in M Deck for $7 cash.