Placement Exam

Placement Exams

Students must register and complete math and chemistry placement exams, if required, before attending orientation. For specific questions about math, chemistry or foreign language placement exams, please call the contact number or visit the website listed in the corresponding testing information section below.

Students are encouraged to complete required placement exams prior to attending orientation.

Freshman Overnight Orientation
Students attending the Freshman Overnight can take placement exams prior to the Orientation Welcome on day one of the orientation.

Note: Information on this page is for incoming freshman and transfer students only. Current Georgia State students seeking information about placement testing, please visit Testing in the Counseling and Testing Center for more information.

Math Placement
Register for the Math Placement exam. Choose one of the following exam types:
Math Placement
Math Placement and Admissions testing @ the Urban Life Mile
Math Placement and Admissions Testing @ the Commons Mile

Students in programs that require MATH 1111 (College Algebra) or higher must take the math placement exam, which will assess their skills and place them in an appropriate math course. Certain test scores serve as a prerequisite for entry into college algebra, pre-calculus and higher.

No fee is required for taking the exam the first time. Students should have their Panther ID number and one form of photo-bearing identification available at the time of they take their exam. There is a $50 fee to retake the exam.

To prepare for the math placement test, visit ACCUPLACER or Purplemath for college algebra, geometry and trigonometry samples with solutions.

The math placement exam is required for the following majors:

  • College of Arts and Sciences:Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science (B.I.S.), Geosciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Pre-Computer Science
  • Mack Robinson College of Business:Actuarial Science, Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Business Economics, Finance, Hospitality Administration, Marketing, Managerial Sciences, Real Estate and Risk Management.
  • College of Education and Human Development:Exercise Science, Middle Level Education-Math Concentration, Sports Administration (BIS)
  • Andrew Young School of Policy Studies:Economics (B.S. only)
  • Lewis College of Nursing & Health Professions:Nutrition Science
  • School of Public Health: Public Health

Math Placement Exam Dates
To register for math placement exams and view available dates and times, visit Testing.

For more information on the Math Placement exam requirement, contact the University Advisement Center at 404-413-2300. For information about dates, times and locations, contact Testing at 404-413-1736.

Chemistry Placement
Register for the Chemistry Placement exam. Choose the following exam type:
Chem Placement

Chemistry Placement
CHEM 1211K (Principles of Chemistry) is required for Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, and Physics majors. Students with a chemistry AP exam score of 2 or better or an SAT Chemistry subject score of 600 or better or completion of a college chemistry course (with a passing grade), do NOT need to take the Chemistry Preregistration Test. If you are exempt from the exam, please email regarding your exemption (Please include your Panther ID Number and reason for exemption).

Visit the CHEM1211K Online Placement Exam website for more information.

No fee is required for taking the exam the first time. Students should bring a non-programmable calculator, two No. 2 pencils and their Panther ID number.

The chemistry placement exam is required for the following majors:

  • College of Arts and Sciences:Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience and Physics

Foreign Language Placement
All students are highly encouraged to take the WebCAPE placement exam. The exam is designed to test the student’s prior knowledge of the selected language and to accurately place the student in the appropriate level. The exam is currently available for Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish. The WebCAPE is offered online and may be taken via any computer with an internet connection. The exam should take about 20 minutes to complete. For other languages and more information about the Department of World Languages and Cultures, please call 404-413-5980 or visit Langdale Hall, Suite 841.
Math and Chemistry Placement Testing Location and Parking Information
Parking at Georgia State is limited, and students are encouraged to use public transportation such as MARTAParking also is available in the Georgia State University parking facilities.