Freshman Learning Communities

At orientation, freshmen students will have an opportunity to sign up for Freshman Learning Communities. Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs) involve pre-planned schedules of courses that group students with other students with similar interests. FLCs offer first year students an opportunity to connect with Georgia State University and each other during the fall semester. Through their involvement in an FLC, students form a small, friendly community within a large, research university.

Each FLC falls under one of the eight fields of interest (business, education, health sciences, humanities, policy studies, social sciences and undeclared) and is composed of four or five courses from the core curriculum, plus the GSU 1010 New Student Orientation course that serves as the foundation for the development of strong academic skills.

While FLCs are loosely organized around colleges, students do not have to declare a major in order to register for an FLC. If at the end of the first semester a student decides to select a major in a different area, the courses will count as part of the general education requirements.

FLCs offer the following:

  • Smooth transition from high school to university life and culture.
  • Immediate connection to other students, faculty, campus and Atlanta communities.
  • Introduction to university resources and services.
  • Higher success rates in GPA, retention and time to graduation.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of academic themes.

For more information, go to Freshman Learning Communities.