Incept Parent Checklist

Parent Checklist

Parents have a lot to do to help their student prepare for their first day of classes at Georgia State. These checklists will help keep parents organized and make sure they have everything done before they arrive at orientation, during orientation and after they leave.

Parents should:

  • Have their student register them as a guest for the orientation day they have chosen to attend.
  • Make travel and overnight accommodations as necessary.
  • Verify that their student has completed the following tasks:
  • Discuss their student's enrollment in Freshman Learning Communities prior to the afternoon registration session.

  • Printed copies of orientation registration confirmation page and payment confirmation email.
  • Money for parking: $7.00 in M Deck.
  • Comfortable clothes, walking shoes and light jacket. Don't forget to check the weather and bring an umbrella if the forecast is calling for rain.

Parents should:

  • Ask any and all questions they have about Georgia State programs and services.
  • Meet with a financial aid representative and their student to discuss any additional questions.
  • Join the Panthers Parents Association.

Parents should:

  • Have conversations with their student about:
    • Campus safety and awareness
    • Accident or emergency situations
    • Academic expectations
    • Getting involved on campus
    • Time management and fiscal responsibility
    • Living on campus or commuting from home
  • Attend Freshman Convocation.