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What is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is the official Georgia State University undergraduate student orientation program and is required for incoming freshman and strongly encouraged for transfer students. Orientation is designed to introduce new students to the unique world of Georgia State and prepare new students to make the most of both their academic and co-curricular experiences. Several orientation options are provided to meet students’ needs and schedules including one day and two day orientation programs for incoming freshman students and one day and one half day orientation programs for transfer students. A special parent and guest orientation program runs concurrently with all student programs.

Read what students who’ve been to new student orientation have to say about their experience.

At new student orientation, I met one of my future roommates and became excited to start my experience. He and I are still best friends and love what this school has to offer!

– Kyle McNatt, sophomore, accounting

New student orientation helped me realize all the countless opportunities I had. Regardless of what anyone else told me, what other schools tried to sell to me, and any of my pre-college fears, new student orientation opened my eyes to the great student I would become at Georgia State!

– Breeana Minton, sophomore, economics

Because of new student orientation, I became much more comfortable with my choice to transfer to Georgia State. I fell in love with this university at new student orientation and I know that because I went, I adjusted better than some other transfer students that didn’t attend.

– Brandi Giles, junior, journalism