Transfer Incept

Transfer New Student Orientation

Transfer students can pick from two different new student orientation programs. Each orientation includes the same information but has a different structure.

This one half day program of orientation activities is designed for transfer students and their guests only. This option will be offered for transfer students entering the university for the fall and spring semesters but not for the summer semester. This option provides a basic introduction to the university, focusing primarily on academic advisement and course registration.
This full day of orientation activities is designed for incoming freshman or transfer students entering in the fall semester who were unable to attend orientation in June or July, transfer students entering in the summer semester or incoming freshman students entering the university in the spring and summer semesters. Students are strongly encouraged to attend a Transfer Express orientation over the Freshmen and Transfer One Day option.

Note: Georgia State has designed a mandatory online pre-orientation to help new transfer students understand more about Georgia State policies and procedures. For more information, go to Online Pre-Orientation for Transfers.


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