Perimeter Campuses

Perimeter Campuses

In order to begin the orientation process, students must be orientation ready which means:

  • Been fully admitted.
  • Has a user ID and email account.
  • Completed all placement and testing information.

To log into the new orientation system, students must verify their user ID and email account have been established. Students can set up their password by following the steps in the system. Contact the technology service desk by phone at 678-891-3460 or by email during business hours with any technical difficulties. For students who have just been admitted, the user ID for the orientation system may not be ready, since it can take several hours for it to be created. To get immediate information on when the user ID is available, students may request a text message be sent to their cell phone. Students cannot begin the orientation program until the user ID is available.

There is a $15 fee for orientation. An online payment option will be provided after logging into the new student orientation system. This fee must be paid before beginning Part I. The $15 orientation fee may be paid online with a debit or credit card when Part 1 is completed.

To complete your orientation process, please continue to Part I.


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