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Posted On January 23, 2018
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Welcome back! Hopefully, the winter break was rejuvenating. With a new semester and new year, here are a few resolutions for you as you begin the spring semester:

  • Get a Planner. A small notebook with a calendar can help with time management. Planning time for work and leisure in advance can prove to be efficient and reduce stress. Plan the week out and enjoy possible extra time to have fun.
  • Set Goals. Sit down and make a list of personal and professional goals. Writing them down and placing them somewhere visible to increase the level of commitment and completion.
  • Make Time for Self-care. Self-care is important and it’s easy to be heavily engaged in your day-to-day work. Make time each week to have some fun and enjoy life. See a movie, workout, or take a nap. Self-care is important to lower stress and maybe connect with friends or family.
  • Take a Walk. Taking a walk can reduce stress and allow time to get exercise. As the days get warmer enjoy the time outside and improve your health in the process.
  • Make New Friends. I’m sure by now many students have found friends in classes or around campus. While there is nothing like the comfort of an old friend, never stop networking to meet new people.


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