Make Your Mark: Become and Orientation Leader

Posted On October 11, 2017
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An orientation leader is one of the most prestigious roles on campus.  Each day there is an opportunity to help a new student learn about Georgia State University and how to be a successful student.  The reward of guiding new students and families makes it all worth the training and hard work to prepare.

The New Student Orientation office is seeking orientation leaders for the upcoming year.  Anyone who applies will be happy for the experience, as are current orientation leaders who applied a year ago.  Students who become orientation leaders learn many valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will benefit them throughout life.  Additionally, it was one of the best decisions the current orientation leaders made because they learned how to support a team of leaders, enabling them to grow together.  Each orientation leader was stretched so that they could learn how to support new students and they developed skills that moved them beyond their comfort zone.

One of the best experiences they reported was connecting with new people who wanted to learn more about Georgia State University.  Orientation leaders help new freshmen, transfers and their families who may be nervous so they feel better connected to the campus community.  Orientation leaders also learned how to help new Panthers focus on excellence.

Overall, the decision to be an orientation leader will be rewarding.  You should apply to learn more about yourself, develop skills and help others begin their academic journey at our beloved Georgia State!


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