Five Great Ways to Study

Posted On October 30, 2015
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Midterms are over, but finals are just around the corner! Get ready to ace those exams with these great study tips written by a fellow student.

  1. Turn off your electronics. It may sound like your mother is talking to you, but yes, turn off your electronics. Power off your cellphones, iPads, iPhone, radios and even your laptop. With distractions, it’s hard for your brain to focus on one thing at a time. For example, try listening to your favorite song with headphones in your ears, while your friend tells you about what happened last night. I know, it’s hard. Turning off your electronics will increase your attention span and keep you focused on the task at hand.
  2. Read ahead, read after. Reading ahead will give you more background information about the topic your professor will lecture about for the day. When you read ahead, just read ahead. Don’t take notes while you’re doing it. When you are in class, then you can take notes. You have to also read after. Reading after will seal the deal. Seeing the material three times in one day will help you remember and better understand the concepts.
  3. Form study groups. When you are presented with a challenge, it may be easier to conquer the task with the help of others. Forming study groups will help you alleviate stress when it comes to studying for a challenging class. When it comes to dividing the work load, be true to how much you can do. Don’t take on too much. Forming study groups is also a great way to build friendships. Freshmen Learning Communities (FLCs) are already study groups within themselves. I was in a Pre-Nursing FLC, and I still have the same study group.
  4. Repetition is key. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! In order to obtain the information, you have store it in your long term memory box. Here’s a great way to repeat items. You start with the first sentence, word or phrase, then the next phrase, and back to the first one, so on and so forth. Keep doing this until you get to 10, and after that you start over with the next set. If you are in a class that has images, keep drawing and labeling that image until you can do it blindfolded. You can do this on a dry erase board to make it easier. I would also advise attending Supplemental Instruction (SI), if available. This is a great resource to review the material that was just covered in class, and that’s another form of repetition.
  5. Take a study break. Don’t forget to take a break. Taking a break is very vital to successful studying. When you study set a timer for about 30-40 minutes. Then give yourself ten minutes for a study break. On this break, you can use the restroom,  eat a snack or check social media. Discipline yourself to not go over the ten minutes and get back to studying. You won’t believe all that you will accomplish if you take breaks in between.

Madlina Jonassaint is a junior Nursing major from Miami, and she is currently serving as a member of the 2015 Incept team. She wrote these study tips, because they’ve helped her do well in her courses at Georgia State.


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